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Wireless Controls and Automation

Industrial Wireless Radio Controls 

Credit Cards Wireless Range:  5 Km   ( 3 Miles )
Optional Extended Range 16 Km (10 Miles) +

Unlimited Applications

Industrial remotes, Pump control, Lighting control,  Monitoring level, status, Traffic systems, Door and Gates,  Logistics, Packing and mobile system, Water management, Alarms, Remote conveyors, Marinas stand alone lights, Remote tank level operation, Generators, Notification, Solar Controllers, Oil and Gas line Monitoring, Flood alarm, Signs, Irrigation control, Wire Replacement.



Wireless Control  Specifications


   Wide Selection:
1 Extended Range Radios 27
  2 Single & Two Ch Pump Control 154
  3 Handheld Wireless Long Range 160
  4 Bidirectional Wireless Control
  5 Budget Radio Systems 433
  6 Long Range OEM Selection
  7 Command & Monitoring System 154
  8 Wireless Applications
  9 Repeater Options: Solar
  10 WIFi 4 Channel Controller



Handheld Specifications        Stationary Specifications



DISCLAIMER:    Radio control equipment in not to be used in life safety.
Radio Installations shall be performed by a certified professional.


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