Wireless Controls and Automation
.Power Relay

Special Function Circuit Driver
Latch - Toggle 934235
Set - Reset 934237
Memory relay 934139
Special Function Relays Selection



  Coil 12, 24VAC or VDC $69.99 

Set Reset Relay Mechanical Latch,

Start Stop Module   12v 24v AC DC SPDT  7A 250V

Passive Bistable/Latching   Retain last Status memory

Input: Dry Contact    SET   activates relay ( retained )
                                 RESET   deactivates relay

Relay output  SPDT,  7 Amp 250v Pilot Duty Class 2

Power input 12 or 24VAC or DC
LED Status Indicator
Coil Current: 50 mA Seal
Response Time: 10 ms
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 C

Supplied in Octal  module 8 Pin With Octal Base, Panel or  DIN mount

Retains Status on power failure

Applications:  Lighting Control,  Pump control,  Wireless controls,
Set Reset Mode,  High low level Start Stop control

934237   DIN Dual Channel version


8 Pin plug-in DIN socket included


 931203  Coil  120VAC  $149.99 

Mechanical Memory Latching Relay  3 Way
  • Retains status on power failure
  • Coil 120VAC  ( Power )
  • 10 A. General purpose
  • 8 A.  Ballast
  • Coil Consumption,  1.5 W  
  • UL C9805 CSA, CE approved)
  •  Plug-in relay, 11 Pin DIN mount base (included)
Momentary or continuous power at the terminals 2 and 10
will latch the relay. ON

A subsequent or continuous power at  terminals 3 and 4 
will unlatch the relay OFF
3 Wire Latching
Power Relay,

DPDT: 10 Amp Contact
11 Pin Socket,

Latching Dual Coil

120 VAC,

 934141   $89.99 
934141  Memory Latching Relay  2 Way

Retains last status on power restauration
DIN Rail Mount,
 Universal power supply, Voltage: 12-240VAC/DC,
Max power consumption: AC 3VA, DC 1.2W
Relay output 16A SPDT,240VAC, 30VDC Class 2

Momentary closure of the terminals A1 and S will latch the relay. ON
A subsequent momentary closure will unlatch the relay OFF


 934934  $99.99 
934934  12VDC Battery Monitor Relay


Application, Solar panel, Generators, UPS, Medical equipment
Wireless controls long range, Communication Towers

DIN Rail Mount,
Upper/ Lower setting, Voltage: 6 - 30 VDC
Max power consumption: AC 3VA, DC 1.2W
Relay output 16A SPDT, 240VAC, 30VDC Class 2
UL #E308660

10cm. 4 Inch   DIN  rail 35x75 mm

 DIN rail 10cm (3.98inch)  $2.59 

20cm.  8 Inch,  DIN rail 35x75 mm

 DIN rail 20cm (7.87inch) $3.59 

DIN Circuit Breaker 10A
  • Single Pole
  • DC voltage: 12,24V
  • AC: 120/277VAC 
  • 10 A. Fast acting
  • AC or DC operation
  • 86x77x18mm
  • UL #E218757

 DIN Breaker 10A 1P    $12.79 

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