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Electronic Timer  Universal power,  12 VDC 24V   -   24/110/220VAC
DIN rail : 934135

934135   $68.99

Multi Function Electronic Timer
SPDT, 15 Amp Rating

Time Delay   

Selectable time range 0.1 s to 10 days
- ON delay - OFF delay
- Interval on trigger open
- Double interval - Delay on release
- Symmetrical recycler ON first
- Symmetrical recycler OFF first
- Special functions latch and pulse generator
Automatic or manual start- Repeatability: ≤0.2%

Features - Specifications  
LED indication for relay status and power supply 
Operating Voltage: 12, 24 VDC, 110/220 VAC

Power Consumption:
1 mA, timing 30 mA. maximum

Output  Relay Contacts, S.P.D.T.
Start Switch Closure Time:
20 milliseconds minimum
Rating: 15 amp. max. resistive at 240 volts A.C.;
Life: Mechanical -10,000,000 operations
Storage Temperature: -23C to 70C, 
Operating Temperature: -23C to 55C

UL listed  E308660, CE approved

DIN-rail mounting in accordance with
DIN/EN 50 022

Time control, Annunciator, Toggle switch, Alarm,
12V automotive operation,  traffic lights. test stands
Pump, lighting, exhaust fans, conveyors.

    FUNCTION CHART    U Power,  R Relay,  S Trigger  


Multiple time and combinations

DISCALIMER The applications shown here are referential help examples.  Contact a licensed professional for your project 

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